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Two artisans with Pura Vida's first logo


As a devout lover of the occult, Alex and Jeff embarking on a new entrepreneurial venture and went on a journey to explore the depths of the soul and find the power of the heart. While passing through Sri Lanka, they were captivated by the warm welcome from people full of faith and an optimistic attitude towards life.

Artisan creating a bracelet


While sipping on local Ceylon black tea in Elahera, the two met a gem cutter named Nalin Fernando, who said that Sri Lanka is historically known as "Ratna-Dweepa," a name derived fromSinhalese, meaning "land of gemstones." Nalin told them a story that the gems here were not just any gems – in fact, they were lucky energy forms scattered around the world and made from the body of the god, Vala. Nalin was convinced of this legend, and that he polished not gems, but blessings, bringing good luck to and taking bad luck away from the wearer. This myth coincides with occult beliefs about the healing properties of crystals due to their natural magnetic field.

Two artisans with Pura Vida's first logo


Nalin took Alex and Jeff to his studio, where they discovered a small, humble room filled with polished gems of all colors, each as beautiful and stunning as the one before. As they sat together, Nalin told stories of each polished stone – where it came from, how he found it, what mysteries it held – and insisted that you “wear gems, get lucky.”Enamored with the gems and the hospitality of Nalin, Alex and Jeff bought as many of the various gemstones as they could and, back home, Alex found a craftsmen to make them into jewelry.

Artisan creating a bracelet


He wanted to give these special gifts to special people during his life so he gave them to his closest friends. The friends loved the unique gifts and wore them every day, won by the promise of luck and blessings. Everyone desires meaningful things because they make life better. While traditional gemstone jewelry for occasions, these lucky jewelry are magic for every day. From this, Boomjoo was born.





To bring the same euphoria that Alex andJeff’s friends experienced to more people, Boomjoo's first symbolic product isa capsule that represents healing. We want the gems to bring comfort, strength, and good luck. Just like for Alex and Jeff’s friends, these irreplaceable gifts should bring the wearer blessings upon blessings. We hope to pass on a capsule collection that captures and conveys the same authentic, natural, and pursuit of a better way of life Alex and Jeff felt in Sri Lanka. We want people to wear gems, get lucky.

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