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We are aiming to make the luxury of gemstones available to people, often for the first time ever.

In gemstones, you can find new energy and vibrancy, revitalizing yourself and uncovering a new idea of who you are and what your style is. Any piece of jewelry that features a gemstone is unique in the way that it stands at the crossroads of luxury and youth, bridging the gap between the youthful and the timeless. We are aware of this power, and because we are, we feel obligated to bring gemstones to a wider audience than ever before, introducing more and more people to all that they have to gain by adding expertly designed gemstone jewelry to their collections.

Our focus is on making gemstone luxury more accessible than it has ever been in the past. To accomplish this, we are emphasizing the complete picture of gemstones as we know them. We do not want to leave anything out or brush over any element that makes these jewelry pieces as special as they are. Rather, we want to become an authority on gemstones for the masses, making sure that women everywhere are aware that they too can claim these pieces for themselves. They do not need to empty their bank accounts or hit a lottery to afford what we are offering: although our gemstone jewelry is luxurious, it also well within reach.

At BOOMJOO, we have seen both what gemstone jewelry has become in recent years and what it can be – because of the high place that it holds in people’s hearts and minds. Those who have worn gemstones regularly, selecting a particular gem because of its history or its power or simply its look, will see immediately the value that we are offering our customers. They intuitively recognize the grand statement that a piece of gemstone jewelry makes. That is what we want to communicate to our customers.

Our founder James, an executive at a widely respected and well-known fashion company, has also maintained an extensive gem collection for several years. He saw that there was something missing in people’s lives, a vigor and a vibrancy that they wanted for themselves, and drawing on his passion for gems and his experience in fashion, he decided to set out on his own, creating BOOMJOO – a line of lively, energetic, luxurious gemstone jewelry.

We are aiming to make the luxury of gemstones available to people, often for the first time ever. This is a huge step away from the monotone and uniform jewelry that has come to dominate the market otherwise, jewelry that costs too much and offers too little in return. We are affecting a fundamental revolution in the fashion world, proving once and for all that people can break up their boredom and take hold of true excitement, day in and day out.

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