The Story and Power Behind Gemstones
Each gemstone, associated with a power or a purpose, related to a month of the year, carrying a history with it, will become a part of you.
Boomjoo Design

BOOMJOO Gemstone Jewelry

We are taking our timeless gems,

set in modern and sleek designs.

At BOOMJOO, you can find new energy and vibrancy, revitalizing yourself and uncovering a new idea of who you are and what your style is You put on your piece of BOOMJOO gemstone jewelry, and there is no doubt: you are a person of discernment, someone who sees the difference between apparent luxury and luxury in its true and undeniable form

Magic capsule

Returning gemstones to real life is the starting point of this collection. The design inspiration comes from the color capsules that are accustomed to daily life.In this collection, we use a unique clawless inlay process to maximize the luster of gems. Take some gemstones capsule as needed to chill out!

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This collection is inspired from Luis Barragán ——whose architecture designs are famous for colorful and romantic vibe. We transform the mysterious architectural language into fashion design, we displayed the pursuit of geometry, color and emo?on in the form of the beauty of jewelry in front of you.

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Sugar Cube

This collection was inspired by sugar cubes. > says, imagine you are a sugar cube, put it in coffee that coffee will not be biIer; but put it in tea, the tea will be sweet. We hope these square brilliant gemstones can make you feel sweet in everyday and enjoy the colorful life. They are really suitable for stacking!

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Make It Yours

Your charms, your remix. Build your story with our customizable 'Make It Yours' charm series by fastening your selection of charms onto our different base necklaces, earrings or bracelets. Consciously crafted personalised pieces to see each modern individual stylishly through the ever-changing days.

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